Everything Looks Well: A Quick-And-Easy Well Inspection Checklist

Well water is a key drinking source for people in the United States. In fact, an estimated 13 million households rely on wells for their drinking water. And that means contamination can be disastrous.  We’re here to help. We’ve simplified well inspection to make well water testing easy. Read on for an easy well inspection checklist. […]

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Chlorine in Tap Water: How to Dechlorinate Water from Your Well

Do you love the smell of chlorine in your morning coffee? Yeah, most people don’t. But when it comes to our drinking water, chlorine is a necessary evil.  The chlorine in tap water kills deadly bacteria, viruses, and protozoans. And chlorine is safe in small amounts, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  But that doesn’t make it taste any better. If you use a water well, chances are you know how to shock your well with chlorine to remove bacteria. But do you know how to remove chlorine from water?  From natural remedies to more permanent solutions, you can achieve tasty dechlorinated water with a variety of methods.   […]

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The Ultimate Debate in Home Utilities: Well Water vs. City Water

Wells provide water for around 42 million Americans. The rest of the population, around 282 million people, get their water from a city water supply. There is a fundamental well water vs. city water debate that rages on. Well water proponents cite factors like the taste as making well water superior. City water advocates argue that their treatment plans make water safer. So, let’s dig into some of the main arguments about the two types of water supplies. […]

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3 Reasons You Need to Get a Well Pump Generator

Talk about being independent. Unlike most people, you have your own well pump at your house, which means you get to have access to your own private source of water without having to pay to use it. In other words, you can label yourself the VIP of residential water systems. Having a pump is a good deal, and those who don’t have one definitely should. This all sounds well and good, of course, but unlike municipal users, your well pump is your problem, and like any machine, problems can occur at any time. Even if you’re able to fix these problems on your own, you still have to worry about the time period that you have to go without water. That could be hours, days, or maybe even weeks – and you and your family don’t have time for that. So what do you need to do to prepare? Simple: get your hands on a well pump generator. A well pump generator is exactly what you need when your well pump system is in a pinch. Here’s why you need to buy one of your own. […]

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What Does it Mean When Your Well Water Tested Positive for Coliform?

42 million people in the United States depend on wells to supply their households with water. When you have a residential well, you have to be careful about the microorganisms, chemicals, and compounds in the water to ensure that you don’t make yourself or your family ill. This means consistent water testing and well maintenance. So what if during one of these routine tests you get a positive result for coliform bacteria? In this article, we’re going to go over exactly what it means when well water tested positive for coliform, what coliform is, and how you can keep your water safe for consumption after a positive test. […]

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What to Do When Your Well Pump Will Not Hold Pressure

While water wells are a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly option for homeowners, they come with some care. Sometimes, a well pump will not hold pressure. Luckily, there are ways to remedy that issue and keep your water flowing the way you need it to. Let’s talk about that. […]

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New Well Pump? How to Make Your Water Well Pump Last Longer

Drilling your own well is a clever way to connect your home with a water supply while eliminating monthly municipal water bills. But you need a powerful water pump to pull groundwater to the surface for your domestic use. Well pumps are designed to provide robust and efficient performance for a long time. In most cases, they’re seen only two times – once when they’re lowered into the water at the bottom of the well and once when they’re pulled out for replacement. But they can sometimes act up before the end of their expected lifespan, thus requiring extensive maintenance or repair service. If you have a malfunctioning well pump, this guide can help you to troubleshoot and fix problems or to determine if you need a new well pump. It also provides top tips on making your well pump last longer. […]

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Water Well Casings Repair: What You Need to Know

Did you know that even though 71 percent of the earth is covered in water only about 0.3 percent can be used by humans? This is the reason why we need to make the best of all of the drinkable water that reaches us. Water well casings tend to need repairs over time, which can compromise the drinking water and become really expensive. Here’s what you need to know to keep your water well casings in great shape.  […]

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Common Types of Well Pumps For Arizona Water Wells

When your well pump breaks and you’re without water, sometimes the stress is overwhelming. After all, the neighbor probably doesn’t have a spare well pump and Arizona is dry. Though you’re not as alone as you think. An estimated 13 million U.S. households still rely on private wells for drinking water. Buying a new, or backup, well pump isn’t difficult. There’s a thriving market for pumps and as long as you know what you’re looking for you won’t ever again find yourself without water. So today, we’re breaking down the best types of well pumps for Arizona water wells. […]

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Dirty Water? Here’s How to Shock a Well

If you live on a property with a private water supply, then you’ll understand the importance of periodic monitoring for water contamination. If your well becomes contaminated, this leaves you without access to clean drinking water- which could cause a major inconvenience for your family. But with regular water monitoring and the recommended tests for coliform bacteria, this situation can be easily avoided. However, if you find yourself in a pickle with a contaminated water system, here’s how to shock a well both quickly and efficiently. […]

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