As a realtor, the most important part of your job is putting your client in a house that feels like home.

It’s also important to keep them out of harm’s way.

Helping clients find rural homes can be tricky.

There are major differences between urban and rural home searches, the most crucial being the water supply.

15% of Americans rely on water wells as their main source of drinking water.

A home that uses well water needs the whole system to be functional, which requires thorough testing.

Today, we’re going to discuss well water testing in Phoenix.

Keep reading and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about well water testing for real estate agents.

Why Well Water Testing Is an Important Part of Home Inspection

All real estate agents know how important the inspection is when closing on a home.

It tells you everything you need to know about the structural integrity of the home, as well as the health of the plumbing, HVAC, and electrical systems.

What a home inspection never covers, however, is the health of the water well on a rural property.

For that, you need to contact an experienced professional that understands water wells and knows what to look for.

Water well testing is important because it ensures that the drinking water is of the highest quality.

If there are harmful chemicals and/or contaminants in the home’s water source, your clients can’t safely drink it, bathe in it, or water their plants with it.

What Well Water Testing Entails

The first thing that a water well inspector will do is take a look at the system to find any potential issues that could lead to contamination.

They’ll also collect water samples and test them for bacteria, chemicals, and any other harmful particles that could be present.

In Phoenix, because of the desert-like conditions around the city, well water is often vulnerable to higher levels of iron, as well as water hardness and sulfides.

There could be other issues that lead to plumbing problems, water staining, and pungent odors coming from your water source.

A professional will test for all of these things, as well as anything else you or your client are concerned about.

Once testing is completed, you’ll get a full report detailing any issues or potential issues that might affect your buyer’s interest in the home.

Get the Best Well Water Testing in Phoenix

Now that you understand the importance of water well testing in Phoenix, it’s time to hire the right company to conduct the inspection.

At Empire Pump Corporation, we’ve been helping Phoenix residents with their water pumps since 2001. 

Contact us today to schedule an inspection before your client buys this home.

If there are any major issues, we can also fix or replace water well components or full systems.

Your clients should never have to worry about water quality in a new home.

Make sure water well testing is always a part of any rural home inspection. 


Do you have clients looking to purchase a rural home with well water? Advise them to get the water tested before making a purchase for the health and safety of their family. As a top company in the well water testing business, Empire Pump specializes in helping businesses and homeowners with all of their well testing, installation, and maintenance needs. Call 623-582-5069 now to get a quote or schedule an appointment!

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