Water wells are a popular home amenity. In fact, over 15 million American homes utilize a private water well.

Wells provide homeowners with a cleaner and healthier alternative to city-supplied water. In addition, water wells save hundreds of dollars per month on utility bills.

Unlike city water, however, you are responsible for maintaining a private water well. This means that you need to be able to identify issues with your water well pump.

Read on to learn how to tell if the water pump is bad.

1) Well Water Sputtering

A sputtering faucet or shower head should get your attention. This indicates that air bubbles are improperly getting into the water flow.

When describing this symptom, many people say that the faucet or shower head is spitting. It is likely caused by a leak in the pressure tank bladder.

2) Low Water Pressure

Are you experiencing low water pressure in your home? This is another common symptom of a failing water well pump.

There are a number of different water sources that may demonstrate low pressure. Homeowners often observe reduced pressure in the sink and shower.

One water source that gets less attention is the sprinkler system. This is because homeowners are not directly and immediately impacted by failing sprinklers. In many cases, you do not recognize the issue until sections of the lawn start to brown.

It should be noted that low pressure may be caused by a leak in the pipes or tank or even a clog or buildup in your well pump or screen. Regardless, you should contact a professional for well pressure tank troubleshooting.

3) Water Well Pressure Tank Problems

Is your tank noisy or do you frequently hear a clicking noise? This could indicate issues with your water well pressure tank.

The noise is often sourced back to the pressure switch. What this means is that air is leaking from the bladder into the pressure tank.

This puts a burden on the electric motor because it is forced to turn on and off more often. The noise you hear is a strained motor trying to turn on. If this clicking noise is heard, contact a water pump professional as soon as possible.

4) Dirty Water

If you start observing discoloration or sand in the water, it may indicate an issue with the water pump. This means that your water pump is not properly filtering out foreign debris.

This is a major issue for the service life of the water pump. Sand damages the inner components of the water pump and degrades the valves. If sand is present in your water supply, the assistance of a professional is absolutely warranted.

5) Higher Electric Bills

Your well pump and pressure tank both run on electricity, so if you notice your electric bill going up month by month, one or more of your well system components could be working overtime. To start, you can try troubleshooting these common issues with your water pump and pressure tank. If you need help pinpointing the problem, contact a well system professional.

6) Well Pump Running Constantly

If you can hear your well pump running around the clock, it may be having trouble drawing water from the well to the point where it fills up the pressure tank. This constant running can cause the well pump to burn out prematurely. Give your trusted well water system pros a call so they can diagnose the issue and prevent your pump from going bad.

Additional Considerations

It’s worth noting that it is uncommon for a well pump to abruptly stop working. Sometimes what seems to be a problem with the well pump is actually an issue with the well itself due to weather conditions like drought. To test this theory, refrain from using water for several hours and then check your water flow. If it has returned to normal, it is likely weather-related. For example, if there is a drought, the water table may be lower. Your well water company can recommend the best solutions for better replenishment rates.

Also, check the circuit breaker to make sure a breaker hasn’t tripped. If it has, reset the breaker and see if the well pump starts working again. If it doesn’t, or the breaker continues to trip, call in the professionals.

Wrapping It Up

Wells are a popular amenity because they supply your family with clean and affordable water. The key to maintaining this quality is the ability to identify issues with the well water pump and tank.

If you observe any of the six common symptoms above, it is time to enlist professional support.

For more information on how to tell if the water pump is bad, please contact us today to schedule an appointment.


If your water pump has been showing any of the signs above, call Pump It Up, Pump Services, the experienced Arizona water well pump repair contractors at 623-582-5069 today! We can accurately diagnose and fix the problem, so you can enjoy clean, affordable water again.

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