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Arizona Water Well Pump Repair

Scottsdale, Arizona Rocco was having issues with his ranch's water well system. It needed to be working or he could start losing livestock to dehydration. Pump It Up Pump Service, Inc. came out and [...]

Water Well Pump Services in New River

New River, Arizona Lawrence Rubink, needed water well pump services in New River to supply fresh, useable water to the 18 staff and 48 residents at Teen Challenge Christian Life. Pump It Up Pump [...]

Phoenix Water Well Pump Repair

Phoenix, Arizona Chris Arrowhead’s residential water well had broken down and was not properly working. This left his family of four without clean and usable water in their home. A friend referred Chris to [...]

Phoenix Well Pump Repair and Installation Services

  • We give “OUT OF WATER” calls priority service
  • Well Inspections
  • Storage Tank Installations
  • Pump Removal and Inspection
  • Test pumping from 1 GPM to 3,000 GPM from 1,000 TDH
  • Well Video
  • Water Well Pump Retrieval
  • New Well Pump Installations

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