Since 2001, Empire Pump Corporation has been the leading provider of quality-driven water well-pump services throughout the State of Arizona. Specializing in the installation and rehabilitation of water well systems and pumps; our company services residential, commercial, industrial, municipal, environmental, mining and agricultural customers, with an extensive service area that extends from as far north as Black Canyon City, as far west at Wickenburg, as far east as Apache Junction and south to Casa Grande..

water-well-pump-company-in-phoenix-arizonaOur corporation operates two industry specific businesses for customers requiring specific solutions for water well-pump systems:

About Empire Pump

Our commercial entity Empire Pump Corporation focuses on working with commercial, industrial, municipal, mining and agricultural customers through the Phoenix Valley and beyond. Our family owned and operated business specializes on providing commercial companies, and organizations in mining, agriculture, education, and government solutions; professional installation and rehabilitation of water well pumps and systems. We provide 24/7 service to our valued customers and always strive to exceed the expectations of the people we do business with daily.

Empire Pump Corporation purchased the assets of Duncan Pump in 2006, significantly expanding our core capabilities and product offerings. Since that time, Empire Pump Corporation has worked hard and has established a solid reputation to delivering quality results with every job we undertake. We have also expanded our services to include Nevada and New Mexico.

Our company culture is based on integrity and customer service fueled with willingness to diversify and respond to customer needs. Empire Pump Corporation has continued in its quest for superior customer service, encouraging community involvement among its employees, and establishing corporate values celebrated by becoming a leader in the water well industry.

About Pump It Up, Pump Service, Inc.

Our residential water well division; Pump it up, Pump Service, Inc., was launched officially in 2001. We provide home owners and property owners in outlying areas in Arizona with professional water well service solutions. Along with a large group of professional well drillers we work with daily, our company is able to offer full solutions for our residential customers in need of water well services in Arizona.

Our company was founded on the concept of open communication, ethical business dealings and always treating all customers equally. We stay true to a strong code of ethics that has permitted our company to grow and expand while others have shut down or downsized.

Honesty – Without question, honesty in our word, in our message and in our deeds is our fundamental belief. The strong customer, supplier and employee relationships we’ve developed and value so highly are based on our long-standing integrity as a company.

Respect – Empire Pump Corporation and Pump It Up, Pump Service, Inc. is comprised of passionate people who believe in enhancing and building self-esteem and self-worth, in showing care and consideration for others. We strive to look for the good in people.

Teamwork – Our Company believes that team work will solve all problems. We see ourselves as “stakeholders” involved in achieving a common goal. This sense of teamwork is an integral part of what makes us an enjoyable, energized, upbeat and satisfying company to work for and with.

Excellence – We have a reputation for excellence — in the services we provide, the products we sell, in the way we do things. We look for ways to continually improve our individual and collective performance. Our team is never satisfied with “good enough.”

Our ultimate goal is to ensure anytime you contact the team at Empire Pump Corporation and Pump It Up, Pump Service, Inc., we have a solution tailor-made to solve any water well pump service you require. Whether you are a private residential owner or have large-scale commercial projects that need to be serviced or installed, you can depend on our team to get the job done right.

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