How to Find the Best Well Repair Service Near Me in Phoenix AZ

When you live off the city water grid, it’s imperative to have a dependable water well service company on stand-by in case you require emergency repairs. However, if you’re new to town or have recently decided to change water well contractors, you might wonder what is the best way to find a well repair service [...]

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What Does a Well Inspection Include?

In ancient Egypt, a water pump called a saqia was invented to lift water from out of a well from a depth of 10 meters. Digging wells for water has been around for thousands of years and many people are still using this method to get water in their homes with a little help from [...]

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Common Problems You Might Find With Your Residential Well

A residential well can be a great asset to a household. It provides reliable and regular water in hard-to-reach areas. There are 3 types of wells, but they come with a certain amount of responsibility, too. It is your job to make sure your well is properly installed, meets safety standards, and is pumping clean water. [...]

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How Often Should You Test Your Well Water?

Are you among the 300,000 Arizonans that get water from private wells? Did you know that well water needs to be tested and certified fit for its intended use? Did you know there are different tests conducted on well water? How often should you test your well water? Regular well water testing allows you to [...]

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How to Protect Your Water Well From Harmful Pollutants

More than 23 million households in the United States use private wells for their water. Using a private well comes with many benefits including water preservation, it saves money, and not having to rely on public water for your personal use. But using private wells also comes with some challenges. Because you are in charge [...]

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Lawn Fertilization and Wells: A Guide to Preventing Fertilizer Pollution in Water

More than 15 million households in the United States rely on a private home well for their drinking water. That number grows even larger when you realize it does not include the many businesses that also rely on well water for normal operations. […]

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Water Well Casings Repair: What You Need to Know

Did you know that even though 71 percent of the earth is covered in water only about 0.3 percent can be used by humans? This is the reason why we need to make the best of all of the drinkable water that reaches us. Water well casings tend to need repairs over time, which can [...]

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What to Do About a Broken Well Supply Line

Do you know that the average cost to replace or install a new well pump is typically between $1,000 and $2,750, with the national average being about $1,750. The type of well pump you install or replace can greatly change both the unit cost and the installation cost. The overall cost is also affected by [...]

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9 Fall Well Maintenance Tips

On average, American households use 82 gallons of water per day. If you are on a well system, proper well care and well safety are essential. Without it, you run the risk of costly repairs and exposure to a harmful level of minerals, especially in the Phoenix area. In this article, we provide our top [...]

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Well Maintenance: DIY and When to Call The Pros

If you have a well you’re probably interested in Do It Yourself maintenance tips. While there are some things you can do at home, there are a number of well pump and well maintenance problems that will require a call to the professionals. But how do you know when you need to enlist the help [...]

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