Well Water Analysis: How to Test Your Well Water for Pollution

Are you not sure if your well water is safe to drink and you don’t know how to test for pollution? It’s hard to know if using well water is safe, especially if you don’t know how to test it for pollution.But don’t worry, we can help! In this article, we’ll teach you how to do a well water analysis so that you can determine whether or not your water is polluted. Read on to find out more. […]

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How to Fix a Well Pump that Isn’t Pumping Water

You go out to the pump house to turn on the pump, but there’s no water coming out. What do you do? It can be frustrating when your well pump isn’t pumping water as it should. This can leave you with a number of problems, such as not having enough water for your needs or even worse, running out of water completely.Don’t worry, we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll teach you how to fix a well pump not pumping water or holding pressure properly so you can get back to having a steady flow of fresh water coming into your home. Read on to find out more about well pump care. […]

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Well Water Testing in Phoenix: Tips for Real Estate Agents

As a realtor, the most important part of your job is putting your client in a house that feels like home. It’s also important to keep them out of harm’s way. Helping clients find rural homes can be tricky. There are major differences between urban and rural home searches, the most crucial being the water supply. 15% of Americans rely on water wells as their main source of drinking water. A home that uses well water needs the whole system to be functional, which requires thorough testing. Today, we’re going to discuss well water testing in Phoenix. Keep reading and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about well water testing for real estate agents. […]

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Water Well Pump Installation on a Budget

Have you ever taken a step back to think about where the water comes from for your showers, washing your dishes, and everything else you use water for during the day? It is coming from outside and being pushed through into your house by a water well. Having a water well is essential to having well water come into your home. If you are on a budget, we have water well pump installation tips that you can follow to save a few bucks for your home well water.  […]

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5 Things You Need to Know About Well Maintenance in Arizona

Did you know a single U.S. citizen uses nearly 88 gallons of water at home every day? And every human being should drink at least 8 glasses of uncontaminated water per day for optimum health. This makes water one of the most valuable and cherished commodities in the world. For this reason, it’s important to ensure [...]

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How to Test The Well Water Flow Rate for Your Residential Well

If you’ve lived through one summer in Arizona, you know for a fact how vital free flowing water is to survival. However, one of the drawbacks of living ‘off the grid’ and depending on residential water wells is the potential problem of a well water flow rate that is less than stellar and potentially dangerous. To avoid this issue, it is important for homeowners with residential water well pumps to have their water flow rate tested on a regular basis by a professional company capable of providing this service. Here are a few important reasons why testing a well’s flow rate is important, how it’s completed, and why an expert is best suited to handle this important job. […]

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5 Water Well Maintenance Tips for Winter

Regular water well maintenance is essential for reducing the chances of expensive breakdowns- that’s the last thing you need. As many as 15% of the States drink water from private wells. With that in mind, it’s important to ensure regular maintenance to avoid any inconvenience or dangerous contamination. So, without further ado, let’s dive into our top well water maintenance tips for winter! […]

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What to Do When Your Well Pump Will Not Hold Pressure

While water wells are a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly option for homeowners, they come with some care. Sometimes, a well pump will not hold pressure. Luckily, there are ways to remedy that issue and keep your water flowing the way you need it to. Let’s talk about that. […]

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A Lesson In Conservation: How to Prevent Your Well From Running Dry

Around 355 billion gallons of water are used every day by the millions of households in America. Many of those homes rely on well water. There are more than 15 million households that depend on water from a private well in the USA. Well water, after all, is convenient, fresh, and a great resource for those living in more rural areas. One big issue of having a private well is that if there’s a drought, any other issues with the aquifer, or a problem with the well itself, you lose access to water. When the well is running dry, there’s no flushing toilets, no showering, no cooking. Don’t know what to do to prevent your well from running dry? We’ve got a guide on basic troubleshooting and how to keep the water flowing. […]

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Hiring Well Pump Installers? Ask These 7 Questions

If you’re loving summer and dreading the autumn, winter, and school days ahead, then the last thing you want to deal with is a home repair. But pump break downs and problems can happen without notice, especially if you haven’t had your well serviced lately. Low water pressure, no water at all, and even stinky or off-color water can indicate a problem with the water or pump. If you have concerns about your well pump, it may be time to call your local well pump installers and ask them these important questions to find out which one is the right company to help you get your home back to normal. […]

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