The quality of the water you drink is important not just for comfort; but for your health as well. It’s for this reason and many others that having your residential well water testing in phoenix done annually for chemicals, bacteria or other potentially harmful issues are extremely important. Since 2001, Pump It Up, Pump Service, Inc. has been the company that Arizona residents reach out to complete this very important annual service.

well-water-testing-services-phoenix-arizonaJust because you live off the city water grid, doesn’t mean you have to compromise your health or comfort. Residential water well testing is a great way of ensuring that the water you use to bathe, cook with, drink and water your plants is healthy and without harmful chemicals or bacteria that can cause serious health complications. A reality of water well systems is that sometimes harmful chemicals or bacteria can enter our well water systems. Whether this is the fault of local construction or Mother Nature, the fact is that you can’t afford to assume the water you drink is safe. This is why we offer complete water well testing for residential customers at Pump It Up, Pump Service, Inc.

What is Included in Residential Water Well Testing in Arizona?

Our team is comprised of professional technicians who are certified in completing water well testing procedures that will inspect your well system for any issues that can lead to inefficiencies or potential health and safety issues. Some of the items we include in our residential water well testing in Arizona include:

  • Testing for bacteria, chemicals and other harmful particles. Bacteria thrives and grows in cool, damp environments – which makes a residential water well a perfect environment for them. Some bacteria is ok – but there are many that can be harmful to humans and animals. Our water well inspecting company in Arizona has a team of professionals that are well versed in proper water sample collections to ensure the samples are not contaminated. We work with the best laboratories in the Southwestern United States to measure your well water for any contaminants that are potentially harmful to you and your family.
  • We’ll test your water well system for bacteria, nitrates or other causes of concerns. Desert communities often have issues with iron, water hardness, sulfides and other issues that lead to problems with plumbing, staining or water odor. We’ll test for all of these and any other items you’d like us to discover.

After our residential water well testing inspection is completed, we will provide you with a detailed report that will document any issues we discovered. No matter what type of residential water well you would like us to test, or the size of your system – we’re here to help. Contact our team today to ask us about our residential water well testing programs in Arizona.

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