Best types of wells in ArizonaFolks living in the dry Southwestern United States have known for years the struggles that come with finding unique ways of locating and utilizing potable water. However, as technology has advanced and resources allotted to a well pump install company in Phoenix has improved, finding and maintaining the best types of wells in Arizona has become much easier, cost efficient and environmentally conscious. If you’re in the market for a new well to be drilled, driven or dug, here are a few of the common types of wells that are built; which supply Arizona residents with ample supplies of fresh water for years.

First – What is a Drilled Well?

One of the most popular types of water wells in Arizona is drilled wells. Essentially, drilled wells are a hole that is bored into the ground that includes an upper portion called a ‘casing’. The casing is designed to support the interior structure of the well and ensures that it won’t collapse over time. The materials that make up the casing are critical to ensure that the borehole does not breakdown or permit contaminants from entering the water supply. The upper casing is also vital for allowing pumping materials and supplies to reach to the water well, bring the water to the surface, be stored in tanks and then to water spouts around the property.

Second – What is a Driven Well?

For people living in sandy or gravel based properties, a driven water well is commonly their choice. In this case, instead of a larger hole, a driven well is a smaller diameter well (usually less than 3″ in diameter) that drives steel pipes deep into the ground to gain access to the water well. This system utilizes a well screen system to allow water to flow but filter sand and other particles from entering the fresh water supply. In some cases, people using hand-driven equipment can reach depths of up to 30 feet; however, most professional water well companies utilize specialized equipment to drill a pilot hole first; then continue with the process to reach depths approaching 50 feet in most cases.

Third – What are Dug Wells?

Arguably the oldest and most well-known type of water well is the traditional dug well. This is the type of well that you see in paintings, drop coins into or have the old bucket on the rope winch system. Essentially, it’s a hand dug (or commercially equipment dug) well that is common where a high water table exists. They are often less than 25 feet in depth and are often used for commercial or agricultural water that does not need to be filtered for human consumption.

Some of the best types of residential wells in Arizona are among these three; each with their own benefits, drawbacks and applications. The best way to determine what type of well is best suited for your own application is to contact a professional water well contractor and set up an initial consultation. By openly discussing your needs, resources and your location, the professional water well company can work with you to customize a water well solution that will fit your needs perfectly.


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