How Does a Submersible Well Pump WorkAlthough they are growing in popularity; especially with the expansion of residential homes being built “off the Phoenix metro grid”, many future and existing homeowners often wonder how does a submersible well pump work? Newer residential wells are built with this type of pump system due to their efficiency, ability to withstand excessive use and exposure to the elements found underground.

Like any other water well components, residential well pump repair contractors are used to service, maintain and replace these systems to keep them running strong. Noted below are a few of the reasons why you might need a residential water well in the first place along with common ways that submersible well pumps work to supply fresh water throughout your home in the Phoenix valley.

First – Why you might need a well in Phoenix?

Did you know that virtually all homes in the Southwestern United States utilized residential water well systems prior to the mid 1950’s? The modern ‘grid water supply’ didn’t actually become popular until cities developed a need for them. Although the Phoenix area has been populated since 1867, the Valley of the Sun didn’t start its rapid growth to becoming the 6th largest city in the US until after World War II. Because of this fact, most homes used a residential water well system as their primary source of potable water.

There are many new communities being built outside of the normal city reach or “off the grid”. Like the original pioneers that settled out west, these homes need to have a residential water well system. However, unlike the old days, the well installation has become much easier and well pump rate has rapidly improved thanks in part to the newer submersible well pumps used.

Second – How does a submersible water well pump extract water?

Essentially the submersible water well pump is similar in many ways to the modern fuel pump found inside of gas tanks of cars, trucks and SUV’s. When well installation is performed, the Phoenix well pump company makes sure to dig the hole wide enough to allow clearance for the pipe as well as the underground or submersible well pump. As the pipes and pump is sent below ground, the submersible pump is lowered to a predetermined depth for maximum efficiency.

Water inside the well is actually sucked inside the bottom of that pipe in an upward direction into the pump. As vacuum pressure increases, the well water flows upward and is cleaned by different levels of filtration until it reaches the storage water tanks. The pump is activated automatically when the level inside the storage tank reaches a predetermined level. The well pump rate of submersible water well pumps is much better than the above ground units.

Third – What are the advantages of a submersible water well pump?

Having this type of system is extremely advantageous for the residential water well owner in the Phoenix valley. The main is the energy savings opposed to using an above ground pump which needs to be primed frequently. The submersible pump pushed water above ground by creating pressure energy as opposed to kinetic energy which requires frequent supply of electricity to achieve. Once the pump has been primed initially, it does not need to complete this energy consuming step again. Water pressure does the work for the submersible water well pump.

Add the energy saving benefits to the fact that modern submersible pumps are made with better seals and internal components, and you continue to see the economic value of owning this type of system.


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