Around the world, 1.8 billion people still lack access to fresh water supply. Water is essential for life, health, social and economic development. If you lose your water supply perhaps because you need a well pump repair it can be a major problem.

This is especially true when the climate is arid, such as in Arizona.

Having access to a great well pump repair contractor is vital to get reliable water supply.

Here are 8 questions to ask to get great well pump repair services.

8 Questions to Ask to Get Great Well Pump Repair Services

These questions will sort the reliable contractors you can depend on from the unreliable ones who over promise and under deliver.

You will need to check out the answers with the contractor themselves as well as with previous customers.

1. Is the Service Fast?

If you are without water you don’t want slow service.

Can you get in touch with them quickly? Do they act quickly? Can they get parts and people to you quickly?

2. Are They Effective at Diagnosing the Problem?

A quick response is great, but an effective diagnosis of the problem is essential for an effective solution. Have they got a reputation for accurate diagnosis even if the solution is not a major earner for them?

3. Do They Effectively Cover Your Location?

Do they have the capacity to effectively cover your location? Boots on the ground are essential.

4. Do They Have a Design Capability?

Designing a solution takes more than basic skills. Do they have a track record of solving problems?

5. Can They Support Your Make and Model of Well Pump?

Unless they have the knowledge, skills, and experience to service your make, model, and type of pump, you may find that the service is poor. Worse still they may be tempted to recommend a replacement pump when a repair is possible.

Visit pump manufacturer websites for details of well pump repair specialists.

6. Do They Have Close Relationships with Manufacturers and Distributors?

Getting a great service from your well pump service contractor may be dependent on their relationship with the manufacturer or distributor. Can they demonstrate how good that relationship is?

7. Do They Have the Capability to Customize?

Sometimes the solution is not an off the shelf one. If some level of customization is needed do they have the capability to deliver?

8. Do They Exceed Customer Expectations?

The previous performance of your well pump service contractor is the best sign of future performance.

Ask them to provide details of previous customers. A reliable contractor will be proud to do this. Visit, or at least speak to their previous customers.

Read reviews and talk to your neighbors about the service they have had.

Don’t Wait Until You Have No Water

When your pump stops working you want action. You don’t want to start researching. Now’s the time to get prepared.

Get in touch with us and find out how well we answer the 8 questions you need to ask to find a great well pump service contractor.


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