Underground Water Storage Tanks in Phoenix AZThose who dwell in the desert depend on water for their livelihood.

Whether you’re a farmer on the eastern side of town or a homeowner that lives off the city water grid, finding ways to protect your water supply from the harsh elements can be a difficult proposition.

This is why underground water storage tanks in Phoenix are utilized by most residential water well owners.

Not only are they affordable and engineered to last, but they also offer property owners multiple benefits that provide an exceptional return on investment.

Here are seven additional reasons why you should consider buying and installing an underground water storage tank for your well water system in Phoenix.

First – Protects Your Water Storage Tanks from Fire or Haboob Damage

A threat that exists when living in outlying areas of Phoenix is the potential of forest fires and Haboobs that can appear instantly during the summer monsoon months.

Fire doesn’t discriminate as to where it chooses to burn, nor does it care about what materials are in its path of destruction.

Haboobs in particular can cause serious damage to equipment that is mechanical or electrical in nature due to the high winds, blowing sand and debris that becomes embedded in hard to reach areas.

The solution to this real-life threat is to have a residential well pump company servicing Phoenix install an underground water storage tank.

Second—Aesthetically Pleasing

Since many people choose to build a home in the ‘country’ because of the atmosphere surrounding them, it simply makes sense to reduce the amount of above ground structures.

Above ground water storage tanks have their benefits, but there is no getting around the fact that they stick out like a sore thumb and can block your view.

While some pipes may be visible, having an underground storage tank allows you to have an unobstructed view of your property and the beautiful Arizona landscape beyond.

The neighbors will likely appreciate not having to stare at a large water tank in your yard, too.

Third—Underground Water Tanks Are Good for the Environment

Construction of buildings and support equipment is typically not a friend of our natural resources.

Anytime a contractor or homeowner adds additional outdoor facilities, the materials and process of building the materials can disturb the natural landscape and impact the overall natural look of the property.

When you take the proactive step of installing water storage tanks in Phoenix under the earth, it’s better in general for the environment.

Fourth—Less Wear and Tear from the Sun

The biggest threat that any material faces in Phoenix is extended exposure to the sun.

In fact, it’s estimated by the U.S. Department of Energy that HVAC and storage tanks that are exposed to direct sunlight typically last 25 percent shorter than those that are covered with shade or hidden from the sun entirely.

Besides the heat that direct sunlight provides, ultra-violet rays can cause electrical components, mechanical units, rubber seals and other materials to crack, wear out, or deteriorate quicker than if they are protected.

Fifth—Consistent Temperature

As mentioned previously, above-ground water storage tanks, and the water they hold, are subjected to some brutal Arizona heat.

Installing your water tank underground will not only protect it but also naturally insulate your tank and water source from the extreme elements, so water will be stored at a cooler temperature than it would above ground.

Sixth—Low Profile for Added Space

If you have limited space, or don’t want to work around an above-ground tank, underground water tanks are a great solution to store your water in a safe place while freeing up real estate that you can use for other things, such as lawn space, a shed, a driveway, or other use.

Seventh—Protection from Tampering or Accidents

Having your water storage tank underground makes it much more difficult to be tampered with or vandalized than one that sits out in the open.

It also helps you avoid damage due to human error, like running a car or tractor into it.

Once again, the solution of installing underground water storage tanks in Phoenix is the smart decision to make.

The underground system will remove the potential of sun damage by 100%. Plus, today’s underground storage tanks are built to withstand corrosion, which used to be a problem with installing materials underground.

If you are building a new home off the city water grid, or it’s time to replace your water storage tank system, consider the multiple advantages of buying and having a Phoenix water well company install your underground water storage tank.


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