4 Reasons Why You Would Want to Create a Residential Water Well

4 Reasons Why You Would Want to Create a Residential Water Well

Are you looking to install a water well for your home?

Over 15 million households in the US already have.

If you’re interested in going off the grid and having your own water supply, a great way to do that is to create a residential water well. As well as making you more independent, it can also help you save money and improve your health.

Read on to find out how.

Key Benefits of a Residential Well

Here are just four ways having your own well can make your life easier.

1. Increased Property Value

Installing a well is a great way to invest in your property. It can make it much more appealing to potential buyers, significantly increasing its value.

How many houses on the market come with their own self-sufficient water supply? Not many. That’s why yours would drum up lots of attention.

If you’re looking to make a sale, you could make one much more quickly than usual, at a much better asking price.

2. Get Cleaner Water

Well water is naturally filtered by the earth.

This means that it’s free from the chemicals that municipal water has.

On the other hand, a municipal water supply is treated with a variety of chemicals in order to kill bacteria and microorganisms and remove contaminants. During this process, some of the beneficial minerals that naturally occur in the water are removed. At the end of it, substances like chlorine and fluoride are also added.

When you have your own water supply, you don’t have to worry about that. If you want, you can install your own filtration system to get rid of any unwanted substances without using any chemicals. This means that your water is both healthy and environmentally friendly.

3. Have a Reliable Water Supply

One of the most desirable benefits of residential water well systems is that they allow you to live off the grid.

You can be completely self-sufficient, without having to rely on public services for your water supply. You no longer have to worry about emergencies like broken mains, faulty pipelines, or water crises like the one that’s currently happening in Flint, Michigan.

When you can access and monitor your own water supply, you have complete peace of mind.

4. Save Money

Are you tired of paying expensive water bills? Installing a well would put an end to those.

After digging the well and installing all the necessary equipment, your expenses end there. You may need to pay for occasional maintenance such as well pump repair, but it’s still much cheaper in the long run.

This is a perfect solution for big families who use large amounts of water. Eliminating your water bills would bring your monthly costs down, leaving you with more disposable income.

How It Works

If you’re thinking about getting a well for your home, you’re probably wondering what the next steps are.

Installing a residential well is a big project, and you need to understand the process before you make a commitment.

To learn more, see our post on how wells work.


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