No Water From WellA major inconvenience and potentially dangerous situation facing people living off city water grids is when there is no water from a well at their home or commercial property. Combine this issue with average temperatures above 100 degrees for three consecutive summer months in Arizona and you have the makings of a serious problem that requires immediate attention. Fortunately, professionals that provide residential water well services in Phoenix have been fixing these issues for several years and can diagnose and repair a malfunctioning water well system quicker than most homeowners could imagine.

There are a few common residential water well issues that, more often than not, are the culprits to the problem of no water flowing from the well. Here are three of the most common issues that can be solved quickly by professional water well repair companies in Arizona.

#1 – The Water Well Pump

Residential and commercial water wells provide owners with flowing water thanks in part to a system of pumps, lines and controls that work together to bring water from below the earth’s surface to a storage tank and then to faucets on the property. However, in many cases no water from well pumps is a common problem. There are three major issues that cause a pump to stop delivering water to the property owner including:

  • The water well pump has lost electrical power: Sometimes this problem is rather simple to fix, like if a fuse or circuit has tripped and simply needs to be reset. On some occasions however, the issue is more complex, such as a damaged electrical supply line or a mechanical problem with the pump that needs to be repaired by a specialist.
  • The water well pump is inefficient: Another common problem with water well pumps is that interior components of the pump begin to wear out or break entirely. This problem is common when routine service and maintenance is not performed.
  • The water well pump has broken completely: One of the worst case scenarios that causes a loss of water is when the pump breaks down and needs to be fixed – or in some cases, replaced in order to provide the property with running water.

#2 – Low water pressure

Sometimes it may appear that there is no water being supplied, when in fact, it’s a problem with water pressure. Low water pressure for a residential water well pump is typically caused by a restriction or blockage inside the water supply chain. It can also be caused by a leak in the water lines, a water well pump that is not running efficiently and in some cases, an issue with the storage tanks. Regardless of the root cause, the important thing to remember is that low water pressure is a symptom that needs to be diagnosed and repaired before major damage to the water well or the mechanical components inside the well are damaged beyond the point of repair.

#3 – The Water Well is Running Dry

The final reason why you may not be receiving water from your water well is the unfortunate reality of a well running dry. Contrary to popular belief, not all water wells offer homeowners an endless supply of running water. Sometimes a well drying up is indicated by lack of water pressure or inconsistent water flow. When this occurs, it’s very important to contact a water well service company in Phoenix that can find a new supply of water, drill to the new water well and set up your home for years of efficient water supply.


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